22 Sep

5 Things To Look For To Find The Best SEO Expert London Has To Offer

Hiring a firm to do search engine optimisation on your company’s site is one of the smartest business decisions you’ve looked into doing, but it can also be one of the most difficult. Finding the right SEO firm requires a lot of research. You want to know whether the SEO agency you choose to hire can actually do a good job and rank your site on page one of Google, however just ranking your website #1 doesn’t necessarily guarantee revenue.

Having your website ranked high enough to generate organic traffic is only 75% of the problem solved as, in some cases, more traffic does not equate to more revenue, especially if you are missing some crucial pieces. These pieces of the puzzle are what enables ANY website to flourish online but, strangely are almost always overlooked.


These things include:

Does your website have an inviting page structure, good sales copy or are there offline problems such as poor sales conversions or undertrained staff using poorly converting sales scripts. At SEO Expert London, we know how to spot the weak spots in your business and, more importantly, can help you fix them to ensure maximum revenue. We are more than just an SEO firm, we are more of a Search Engine Marketing firm. (SEO Expert London – Facebook)


Now here is a short list of things to consider and look into before hiring an SEO specialist or SEO consultant to do work on your site because SEO is a complete waste of money if it isn’t producing more revenue or getting you a positive ROI – return on your investment. This SEO guide will help you when choosing an seo specialist uk to work with.


1)            Look out for low or ‘cookie cutter’ style prices. These companies charging low fees for SEO at £299 or £399 per month don’t understand the basics of business very well so would you really want to put the wellbeing of yours in their hands?

It makes no sense that a local business is charged the same as a national one going after a global market. Think about it, there is no way someone can earn your business an additional £100,000+ in yearly revenue by charging you only £74.75 a week (£299 per month). That works out to be way less than the legal minimum wage someone below the age of 19 should earn!


2)            Be sure to find out if they have had success in ranking difficult keywords. Now it’s difficult to find out who the best baker or best mechanic in your area is as everyone has their own opinion but the greatest thing about SEO is that Google actually tells you who the top SEO firms are based on their rankings. All you need to type in is SEO services in your city or as an example: SEO services in London and you will see who is the best. Every London SEO company fights hard to get that #1 spot to show that they are the best. You should also look for multiple listings on page one. You want to make sure that they are not a one hit wonder. Think about it, if they aren’t dominating in their own area, what makes you think they can do the same for your company?

3)            Just because someone works with or around computers, doesn’t mean they know how to do Search Engine Optimisation.

Don’t make the mistake that some do in thinking that a person who works on computer software or IT or even a web designer knows everything about SEO. In fact 99% do not have a clue. Unfortunately, many business owners who we’ve spoken to and given advice to want to take it back to their IT department to do the SEO in house. This is a mistake. Many people are worried about their jobs so, may say that they can do the SEO, when in fact they have no idea what they are doing. If they did, your website would already be ranking!

4)            Make sure search engine optimisation or internet marketing consulting is their full time profession. Don’t let your business be a test subject for a beginner. There are many people out there for whom web design or some other aspect of internet marketing is a way to supplement their income. They bought a cheap online course on the subject, but that does not make them an expert. Do you really want the success or failure of your business to be in their hands?

5)            Finally, make sure your SEO isn’t being outsourced to a 3rd party. More than 60% of London SEO firms outsource their work to others in India, the Philippines and other countries. You should always know exactly who is doing the work on your site.

By using these 5 great tips, you can be sure to find the top London SEO company to work with your London based business and help get you the results you want.

SEO Expert London is the best SEO Consultant London has, and with our help, you can certainly expect to get your website to the top of the SERPS. Visit our website today – https://www.facebook.com/seoexpertldn/


We would love to know more about your business to see whether we are a good fit to work with each other. Why not get in touch with us on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/seoexpertldn – best SEO expert London.

13 Sep

Crowdfunding And The Incredible Dream Machines

Incredible Dream Machines Made Real Via Crowdfunding

Wouldn't it be awesome if you could build a collection of cash-gushing streams of income on the Internet?

Better yet, you don't have to invent, build, or create any products, programs, or books … and you don't have to know anything about marketing …
That would be a dream wouldn't it?

Well, it's time to wake up, because that dream just came true! You can build incredible dream machines with free money other people GIVE you to build them. You have zero risk, because not only are they paying you to do it, you KNOW people want it before you invest a penny (of their money) … and it is all done with the new science of crowdfunding.

Incredible Dream Machines (IDM) is a new step-by-step program proven for successfully taking new products to the market, and literally getting paid to do it. If you don't get the cash up front, you don't do it.

But What Does “Do It” Mean?

First, let us cover what you don't need …

  • You don't need to invent anything
  • You don't need to know anything about developing or manufacturing products
  • You don't need to have any experience with crowdfunding
  • You don't have to have any experience marketing online or offline
  • You don't have to invest in inventory up front

What you will be doing is sourcing products directly from the manufacturer and building crowdfunding campaigns so you get paid up front to bring products from the manufacturer. Incredible Dream Machines show you the exact method used by the founder when he raised $500,000 in his own crowdfunding campaign.

How To Build Incredible Dream Machines Via Crowdfunding

In a nutshell, here is what the IDM process is all about in 6 simple steps, and IDM shows you how to do each step:

  1. You select a niche and product based on what the crowds want.
  2. Line up sourcing for the product.
  3. Build an audience to reach your funding goal on the First DAY!
  4. Launch your crowdfunding campaign
  5. Deliver products to your customers and plan your next campaign (return to step 1).
  6. Scale up your new business to BIG money

The Incredible Dream Machines phenomenon is a huge, immersive experience, but here is a small sample of what it includes:

  • 8 Weeks of Detailed Live Training covering everything you need to know about crowdfunding from A to Z
  • 3-Day Live Event at Incredible University in Las Vegas loaded with content, follow up, and networking
  • 3 Software Programs to find in-demand markets, to get free traffic, and to serve your customers
  • Mini Vegas Shark Tank as part of Incredible University in Las Vegas
  • Direct emails and phone numbers for the retail and distributor industry
  • Mentors tor help and guide all students
  • Progress Tracking Achievement Tree

You can get more details about each one of these from the description field of my IDM crowdfunding video.

There are some amazing case example videos coming out soon as well; be sure to sign up for your free subscription to the Online Marketing Strategies digital magazine at MarketingOnlineTechniques.com if you would like to know when these videos are available. Here are the titles:

  • The $6 Million Dollar Bicycle + Manual
  • The Hollywood Method Explained + Manual
  • 75-Year Old Crowdfunds $351K In 30 Days

So What Is Crowdfunding Anyway?

Crowdfunding is simply a way to post something you want to do on a platform where people can pledge to help fund your project. Many people use it to raise money for charities. to re-hab historic monuments and buildings, to help pay for medical expenses, to take once-in-a-lifetime experiences, or to create new movies, products, music, or services. There really is no limit to what you can do with it.; you just need to do a little planning, write up what you want to do, and perhaps create a short video about it. If you want to learn more about the whole concept, download a free copy of my crowdfunding ebook from the About field of my fanpage.

Crowdfunding is a powerful new phenomenon sweeping the country, and Incredible Dream Machines is going to revolutionize crowdfunding … creating a multitude of new millionaires along the way. You will be one of them when you get the Incredible Dream Machines system. Click the Incredible Dream Machines link above and watch the free video called, “$110K In 24 Hours: The Secret Science of Crowdfunding.”


12 Sep

CPA Marketing – Introduction and Free Ebook

The Main Advantages of CPA Marketing

In regular affiliate programs, the money you earn is a percentage of each sale you make. Tangible products often pay 3 to 10% commissions whereas many downloadable informational products pay as high as 75% or even 100%. Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular online methods for earning money. Affiliate marketing can be a great way to make money, but without having a good product to promote, it is not possible to achieve sustained success in affiliate marketing. Most people attempting to make money online will eventually try CPA marketing (Cost Per Action marketing), because it seems easy. Your mindset determines what you want, how you perceive things, how much money you want to make with CPA marketing and much more.

Cost Per Action Advertising

Cost per action advertising allows advertisers to only pay when an ad leads to an actual conversion. Direct response advertisers consider CPA the optimal way to buy online advertising, since the advertiser only pays for the ad when the desired action has occurred … hence the name, “cost per action.”

The measure, “Per Mille” (as in “CPM”) is concerned with how many times an ad shows up, but unfortunately, the ad is displayed, but the viewers may not even look at the ad. Cost Per Acquisition, otherwise known as Cost Per Action, or more simply “CPA“, means you (i.e., the Publisher) get paid every time a consumer takes the required action. The required action could be as simple as entering his email or zip code, or it could be a full-blown purchase of the product or submitting an application.

CPA Marketing Performs Best …

Cost Per Action performs best for both the Advertiser and the Publisher when the visitor is very interested and is either ready to buy or to ask for more information. Cost Per Action simply means you get paid a commission based on an action that is set by the owner of the product.

There are so many different CPA hosting services out there now, you can now create as many CPA campaigns as you want, really. The more campaigns you can get on the web, the you can make. When you are just getting started, your competition can be very hard to break through. You have to have a way to get visitors to your site, and the more targeted the traffic (i.e., the better matched your visitors are to the service you are advertising), the better.

Most people visiting your website or blog will not click your affiliate links. This is why you need targeted traffic. The best type of traffic is your own personal email list of subscribers interested in the niche you are marketing. However, a strong SEO rating for your web page (i.e., your web page is ranked high on the search engines) is also extremely profitable. You can also purchase traffic via solo ads, classified ads, Fiverr, etc.

One of the most effective ways to advertise is to show ads via a pop over on your site. You can display fancy popups to your visitors on each site or, using specific URLs. By retargeting previous visitors to your site, you can have a huge influence on their purchasing behavior. With Inline Text Ads and Tag Clouds, you can advertise more discretely which often gets better results (especially for CPA marketing) than blatant ads such as banner ads.

CPA Marketing Is Really A Special Form of Affiliate Marketing

It’s true. CPA marketing really is just a different type of affiliate marketing, but it is unique enough that it requires different strategies for success. Relatively few people are good at CPA and normal affiliate marketing; most people excel in just one or the other. You can learn a lot more about CPA marketing with the free report available through my Facebook fanpage (click the link in the About section) or my YouTube video (click the link in the description field).

Cost Per Action Marketing Is Powerful For Both Advertisers and Publishers

As implied above, the advertiser is the person or company who puts an offer on the CPA network; the advertiser is the one who pays (via the CPA network host) when the desired action is completed by a visitor or potential customer. The publisher is the person marketing the CPA offer.

For example, if you join the CPA network and locate an interesting offer, and then you promote that offer through banner ads, blogging with context links, submitting to your email list, or whatever, then you are the publisher. You get paid when the visitors complete the required action.

CPA can be extremely cost effective for the advertisers, and extremely profitable for publishers who know what they are doing.

Joining CPA Networks

It is not always simple to join a CPA network as a publisher, however. They are much more discriminating than most affiliate marketing networks. You will have to complete a short application which the CPA network will evaluate. However, the CPA Networks are looking for key aspects of your application and there are shortcuts that virtually guarantee you will be accepted by the majority of CPA networks … and joining multiple networks is important since they do not all offer the same offers and opportunities. Again, you can learn all the details of quickly getting accepted in CPA networks from the free report mentioned above.

CPA Marketing is a powerful, easy way to make money online. And you can get lots more valuable Internet Marketing reports, techniques, and strategies through my Internet Marketing Fanpage and my free Online Marketing Strategies digital magazine (see the About field of my Internet Marketing Fanpage).